52,000lb Forklifts

There are (3) 52,000lb forklifts onsite to be able to lift the heaviest loads.


Additionally there are (1) 3,000, (1) 4,000, (3) 5,000lb, (6) 8,0000lb, (4) 12,000lb, and (4) 15,500lb forklifts to complete any task at hand.

Stretch Trailers

We have stretch trailers to ship product that might need that extra length.


With 120 trailers there is enough shipping equipment to handle your product demands. We have a variety of flatbed trailers available for various delivery needs. Some examples are 27', 40', 42', 45', 48' stretch trailers up to 80' and forklift attached for self unloading. We also have container chassis for product picking up at piers.

Gallion crane

10,000 pound


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